<aside> 🙏🏼 Hello All, This is Ganesh Ravi Shankar.

I am a Full-Stack Product Engineer who puts in a lot of effort on usability and performance.

I Co-founded Upshotly with prime focus to improve team alignment and employee engagement in an organisation. I believe setting a better culture in a team plays an important role in productivity.

I have nearly 8 years of experience in Software development. Mostly on B2B SaaS.

I have full stack experience in building B2B SaaS products from scratch, includes building APIs RESTful as well as with GraphQL. I have solid experience in Building Micro-services and in migrating existing monolithic architecture to micro-services.

I am always open to discuss new ideas. Feel free to reach me at .

I believe remote work is the future and it's already here.

I love using Notion for my personal stuffs and thats why I have this Blog on Notion.

    A Game of thrones Quote : "The things I do for love." —Jaime Lannister


My Blogs

SOLID Principles and Javascript

Who said SOLID is applicable only in OO languages? Here's how you can do it in JavaScript!

Validations in GraphQL

A better way to handle GraphQL Validations

Implementing User mentions in React

How Upshotly implemented user mentions in comments using the react-mentions library

Terraform Basics

Noob's Guide to use Terraform with AWS

Feel free to reach me out anytime to Say Hi: