<aside> 🙏🏼 Hello All, This is Ganesh Ravi Shankar.

Passionate about all things SaaS! Always looking to connect with fellow innovators, product builders, and tech enthusiasts to discuss emerging trends and exchange ideas. 🚀

About me:

📌 Seasoned Product engineer with more than 10 years of Industry experience in building SaaS products

📌 With passion for SaaS, I have a proven track record of building successful products from scratch.

📌 Skilled in and experienced in leading teams through the entire product lifecycle.

📌 Passionate about driving the team towards iterative innovation to deliver measurable results.


My Blogs

SOLID Principles and Javascript

Who said SOLID is applicable only in OO languages? Here's how you can do it in JavaScript!

Validations in GraphQL

A better way to handle GraphQL Validations

Implementing User mentions in React

How Upshotly implemented user mentions in comments using the react-mentions library

Terraform Basics

Noob's Guide to use Terraform with AWS

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